ANIPO, international solidarity of musical instruments

ANIPO is a social network which brings together the international community of people who have got a musical instrument. Created by musicians for musicians and instrument makers, ANIPO (registration, use and services) is free of charge and will always be.

Why ANIPO ? Creating a connection to...

  • Reduce trafficking in stolen instruments.

  • Perpetuate the history and memory of our instrument.

ANIPO offers to fight against the trafficking and resale of musical instruments, through the immediate and very simple recognition of their identification. Today, solidarity is one of the sole means for fighting the traffic of musical instruments. If we assemble to fight this traffic, our presence and vigilance, combined with identification techniques, will discourage the thieves. Of course, the thefts won't completely disappear. But we know that when objects are marked, the percentage of theft of these objects drops by 70 to 100%!

It is indispensable to create a huge and vigilant international community.

When the ANIPO community is large enough, it will be almost instantaneous for ANIPO to diffuse new and better identification techniques that will install in a few clicks for users and make the network more efficient at all time.

Then, at first, the traffic will decrease and in a second time, we can hope to recover the stolen instruments.